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My birthday!

On Sunday (20 November) I went to Wild Wild Wet with my family and friends! Woo Hoo!

I went to all the rides except Torpedo(You will know later) and it was so fun!

Reason why I did not go Torpedo, because I went to a duathlon and fell. But you must stay positive in everything, right?😀

No Open Wounds??😑

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My second classical music concert!

It was yesterday, (long past my exams) and I went to the esplanade and had some time to sleep and listen to music.

One note, we were seating at the last row.

😩I cannot even see the people clearly!

“Wait, I think I can see Yo-Yo Ma!”

Yeah he was there.

Oh and that was the reason we sat at the back.

Too expensive.

And there were other stuff we did the previous days.

I went to the ArtScience Museum!

It was interesting, we got to make fish and vehicles!

I remembered, a few days after my previous blog post, I ate lots of food!

Finally, just want to show you a funny picture, which is an accurate representation of what I will look like in the future.

Approximately the same.

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Fun in Toa Payoh!(Only time to have fun during October!)

October! Think about it. Americans think it as 3rd Month, Finnish always think there are no exams and here in Singapore, we have exams!

(I had my oral exams already!)

And this is going to be the last few days of October I am going to have fun.(Apart from End Of Exams! Day.)

Oh man and there are lots of trees!

Then the photos come in with short descriptions of what happened.

No Fishing!

Looking at nature is better!

Can you see my mother? You might be wondering, what is this building? Well, here is a photo of the building itself.

That or photos of me, well….  Studying.

See you during the end of October. Good bye!

(Why Finnish! No exams, no homework?😭)

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Batam Trip

I meant it is not Batam. Forgot the name, it’s the closest island so never mind. 

And also my family went with my father’s friend.

The ferry

The fish!!

And yeah!

(Oh there were lots of fish, NO WIFI and the holiday was from the 10th to 12th Sep)