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Some photos

Like really. This blog has turned into a photo blog.

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When you forget about a blog.

Sometimes, you may forget which page you left on a book, that why we have bookmarks. Unfortunately for me, I forgot a whole entire blog. That is like forgetting your great great great great great great great grandfather's name, very unlikely. A few journeys might be coming up. See you then!???

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Some photos I recently took!

Long time no see! I taken some photos in my father’s car while he was driving.Green dot on the top right? Just the camera light, not UFOs!

These photos were just taken for fun… 

See you a short or long time later.

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Update on my blog!

I am in Taiwan now, so I will post about my holiday a few days later. Then I will go to Malacca with my cousins. Here is a view right now while I am blogging.

Okay….. See you!