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My second classical music concert!

It was yesterday, (long past my exams) and I went to the esplanade and had some time to sleep and listen to music.

One note, we were seating at the last row.

😩I cannot even see the people clearly!

“Wait, I think I can see Yo-Yo Ma!”

Yeah he was there.

Oh and that was the reason we sat at the back.

Too expensive.

And there were other stuff we did the previous days.

I went to the ArtScience Museum!

It was interesting, we got to make fish and vehicles!

I remembered, a few days after my previous blog post, I ate lots of food!

Finally, just want to show you a funny picture, which is an accurate representation of what I will look like in the future.

Approximately the same.



Born on 20 November and Lives in Marine Parade.

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