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Scouts CNY(Chinese New Year)Celebration 

Hello. Welcome! Let us look at a brief explanation of the scouts celebration.

We started with doing the flag raising ceremony. 

Then we were grouped into groups. So we would play games together. 

Then we went to Riffle Room. We played a game by using a few materials to make a costume. Again, we were split into groups. Whichever group did the best would win!

After that, we ate a CNY(Chinese New Year) dish called 鱼生 or Yusheng in English.

After that, we did a lucky draw. But first, take a number, you know what you are taking cause’ they put it on a tray.

Time for mini buffet! But the food I am eating wasn’t good. One women said a drink was orange juice when it was mango juice. 😱.

Finally, we can do the flag lowering! 😤Now we need to be under the hot, humid sun in Singapore. ( I live near the equator) Oh! And we took photos. 

We were dismissed. Then, I took a chocolate price!

Oh. And then my dad picked me up.



Born on 20 November and Lives in Marine Parade.

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