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Flags of the world(A-C)

🇦🇫Afghanistan🇦🇱Albania🇩🇿Algeria🇦🇩Andorra🇦🇴Angola🇦🇬Antigua and Barbuda🇦🇷Argentina🇦🇲Armenia🇦🇺Australia🇦🇹Austria🇦🇿Azerbaijan🇧🇸The Bahamas🇧🇭Bahrain🇧🇩Bangladesh🇧🇧Barbados🇧🇾Belarus🇧🇪Belgium🇧🇿Belize🇧🇯Benin🇧🇹Bhutan🇧🇴Bolivia🇧🇦Bosnia and Herzegovina🇧🇼Botswana🇧🇷Brazil🇧🇳Brunei🇧🇬Bulgaria🇧🇫Burkina Faso🇧🇮Burundi🇰🇭Cambodia🇨🇲Cameroon🇨🇦Canada🇨🇻Cape Verde🇨🇫Central African Republic(CAR)🇹🇩Chad🇨🇱Chile🇨🇳China🇨🇴Colombia🇰🇲Comoros🇨🇩Congo(Democratic Republic)🇨🇬Congo(Republic)🇨🇷Costa Rica🇭🇷Croatia🇨🇺Cuba🇨🇾Cyprus🇨🇿Czech Republic



Born on 20 November and Lives in Marine Parade.

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